We have 4 groups of profiles. If you are looking for something more unique we can also help!


A majority of solid surfaces are 12mm thick and we manufacture upto the thickness you require using an MDF substraight.

Our standard thicknesses are:




The cost to manufacture to the thickness you require is included in our quotation.

Anything above 50mm will incur an additional cost. 12mm is also an option for extremely low profile worktops.


Hob –


Coved Upstand

Plant on upstands

No Upstands

Coved upstands are great for the seamless look and also easy to clean. Plant on upstands are more traditional.

The higher the upstand the more expensive it will be. Coved upstands take longer to manufacture (plant on upstands are just the same material with the edges polished). Coved upstands require workmanship and time to achieve the desired look.


Overhangs – for breakfast bars, will need stainless support bars. Here are a few examples of some breakfast bars. If there is an unsupported are of over 230mm it will require support bars.


Draining Area – Draining Grooves / Recessed Drainer

Window cills

You can have a window cill to match your worktop, if you are having coved upstands then this can join to you window cill giving a ultra seamless look.

Other Cut Outs

For taps, pop up sockets/ downdrafts extractors.


Did you know?

  • You can have a wireless charger in your worktop. Find out more!
  • Lid for sink –  to maximise your useful worktop area why not consider a lid for you sink, or if you want to hide the sink!
  • Bespoke Champagne Bucket
  • You can mix colours of solid surface.