What is a Solid Surface

Solid surface also known as acrylic, plastic or seamless worktops or acrylic stone is a man-made material usually composed of a combination of materials like acrylic, polyester and dyes. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations.

Solid surface is a low-maintenance material used for surfaces such as countertops. It can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined nearly invisibly by our trained craftsmen.

Solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, including sinks, shower pans and bathtubs. Colour and design flexibility are key factors when choosing engineered composites over natural stone.

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Solid Surface Manufacturing

All of our solid surface worktops are handmade in Hampshire, in our workshop in Fareham. We have many years of experience in manufacturing Solid Surface Worktops and utilise the latest CNC cutting technology to cut component parts. Then each job is skillfully crafted by one of our fabricators using industry approved and quality processes.

Solid Surface Brands

  • Corian logo


    As industrial partners of DuPont we are able to help consumers, architects, designers and industries to extract the highest value from the performance and the properties of Corian®.

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  • Hi-macs logo


    HI-MACS® is an outstanding solid surface material. A delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface.

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  • Hanex logo


    Hanex is a premium acrylic solid surface material used for domestic kitchen as a worktop or commercial projects such as hotels, retail environments and healthcare. The design capabilities are endless.

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  • Avonite logo


    Avonite Surfaces is a range of acrylic solid surfaces from Aristech Surfaces LLC. Aristech also offer a range of highly decorative resin surfaces called the Studio collection.

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  • Staron logo


    Staron, the interior material with various colours and patterns, can be processed in a curved,seamless shape and is easy to maintain,which allows creative designs.

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  • Krion logo


    Krion is a brand of acrylic solid surface offered by the Porcelanosa group. It is resistant to bacteria. Its nature means that seamless surfaces and designs can be fabricated.

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  • Minerva logo


    Minerva worktops are the practical and stylish solid surface manufactured to a standard thickness of 25mm. Bringing together state of the art technology and flawless looks. Minerva worktops a solid surface.

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  • Kerrock logo


    Kerrock is an acrylic solid surface available in 92 different colours. Some of the colour effects are in collections such as Granite & Marble. Meaning you can have a worktop that looks like those materials but with all the benefits of solid surfaces.

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  • Mistral Logo


    Mistral acrylic solid surface offers the look of natural stone with all the benefits of a solid surface. With a total of 24 and all of the colours being in the same price group, Mistral take away the complexity of choosing a colour in a specific price group for you budget.

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  • Tristone logo


    Tristone is an acrylic solid surfaces offering many benefits, 40+ colours, Repairable and able to be re-polished (restoring your worktop to like new).

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Benefits of Solid Surface Worktops

  • Seamless look – joints are still required when fabricating but using the best techniques possible we will make the joint as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Coved upstands – Traditional worktops can only have plant-on upstands
  • Can be manufactured to any size and thickness
  • Matching, seamless sinks (stainless steel bases are also an option)
  • Built in drainer grooves
  • LED lighting, wireless charging points and blue tooth speakers can be added into your kitchen to create a modern and convenient experience
  • Solid Surfaces can be fabricated in lager sheets, making them ideal for any commercial project.

Care Tips

Solid surfaces are non-porous, homogenous surfacing materials that can resist most of the impacts, nicks and cuts that occur in heavy traffic areas. If you do manage to damage or stain your worktop the surfaces are renewable meaning that they can normally be restored with ordinary mild abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad. Even most damage caused by abuse can be repaired on site by one of our team without having to completely replace the material. For the best results, use the materials in the care kit to regularly clean your worktops.

Solid surfaces can be cleaned just like every other surface in your home. For everyday maintenance warm soapy water is fine. For more stubborn marks we recommend using a fine abrasive cleaner such as Cif Cream and a white scotchbrite pad. For cleaning your solid surface sink, we recommend filling it with warm water, adding a cap of bleach and leaving to soak overnight., Don’t forget to rinse out the sink in the morning!

Uses of Solid Surface Worktops

In a residential setting, solid surface can be used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and shower and tub surrounds.

Solid surface sinks can be joined to the countertop surface with no gaps, which eliminates areas for water to collect and bacteria to grow. Integral backsplashes can also be created that follow the contours of the wall “seamlessly” and without gaps.

Our Services

Full service – From quote to template, CAD drawing, manufacture and fit.

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  • What areas do you cover?

    We cover the following areas: Hampshire, London, Dorset, Wiltshire, Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton & Hove, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

  • What are your lead times?

    Manufacture of our solid surface worktop can take anywhere between 7 and 12 Working days depending on the complexity of the project and availability of the material. However, we always strive to deliver as quickly as possible.

  • Are solid surface worktops stain resistant?

    Due to the non-porous properties of solid surface worktops they are indeed highly stain resistant, but like any surface it requires looking after. We recommend you remove any spills from the surface when they occur to prevent any problems. If you do happen to stain your solid surface worktop then do not worry as it can easily be sanded out or repaired. Just contact us for information.

  • How do I clean my solid surface worktop?

    As you would clean any other surface in your house. For everyday maintenance warm soapy water is fine. For more stubborn marks we recommend using a fine abrasive cleaner such as Cif Cream Cleaner and a white scotchbrite pad. For cleaning your solid surface sink, we recommend filling it with warm/hot water then add a cap of bleach and leave overnight. Don’t forget to rinse the sink out in the morning!

  • Can I cut or chop on my solid surface worktop?

    Like many surfaces this is not really recommended as solid surfaces can scratch. However, unlike many other surfaces the scratches and marks can be sanded out, but to avoid this problem it is always best to use a chopping board.

  • Is it okay to put a hot pan on my solid surface worktop?

    We strongly recommend against doing this. Solid surfaces are to a certain degree heat resistant but can burn/scald if an extremely hot surface comes into contact with it. For the best experience when working with your worktop we recommend considering integrated stainless-steel heat bars in areas where putting hot surfaces down will be tempting.

  • What happens if I chip or crack my solid surface worktop?

    Due to the properties of solid surfaces we can repair the damage no matter how big the crack or chip. Please contact us for more information.

  • Are the joints invisible?

    Solid surface joints are best described as “Inconspicuous” and “Seamless” meaning it will be very hard to notice where they are. Certain colours with veining or colour chips in will potentially show the joint more. Please check with us before ordering.

  • Are solid surface worktops hygienic?

    The properties of solid surfaces do not allow the growth of any bacteria making them 100% hygienic. This means that they are perfect for use within the home and healthcare settings, such as hospitals, doctors and dental practices where it is important to have a sterile and clean area. Please contact us if you require more information about the use solid surfaces in the healthcare environment.

  • Is it possible to bend solid surfaces? Do they lose their strength if bent?

    Solid surfaces are able to be thermoformed into any shape. Once the solid surface material is heated and cooled it loses none of its original strength. Please contact us for more information.