How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

A worktop is an important part of any kitchen. It is a striking part of the room and a lot of its time in use will be for cooking, so you need to make sure that your worktop is practical for the way you use your kitchen.

We have compiled some questions and considerations that you should take into account when buying your next kitchen worktop.


How big is your kitchen?

If you have a larger kitchen and would prefer to avoid joins in the worktop, you would be well-served looking into materials like our solid surfaces, such as Avonite, which can be made to the required size. These materials can still be used for smaller projects and be thermoformed into organic shapes.


How long do you aim to live there?

If you’re planning to move soon, then you may not be so worried about the longevity of your worktop. On the other hand, if you’re going to be staying put, our Hi-Mac worktop with its 15-year warranty or Corian’s 10-year warranty could be what you need in your kitchen. Our stylish Minerva worktops also offer a 10-year warranty for the first owner and installation.


Best kitchen worktops for heat and scratch resistance

Granite is a cool surface, which is great for cooks and bakers, as it is resistant to heat but to make your worktop last longer, make sure you use a trivet to protect the worktop. Quartz is scratch-resistant but it would be best to make sure that you are always using a chopping board when preparing food, just in case.


Eco-friendly worktops

If you are trying to make your home eco-friendlier, then Staron may be the material for you. It is also non-porous and does not suffer from the lack of workability, contamination and colour limitations that natural marble does.


Low maintenance kitchen worktops

Hanex solid surfaces are hygienic as they are resistant to bacteria, pollutants and moisture. This makes them very easy to maintain and keep clean, which is great if one of your main goals is cleanliness and low maintenance in your kitchen. The same can be said for Krion worktops, as they are non-porous and resistant to bacteria so they are less likely to stain and are easy to clean. It can also be polished to remove scratches so it will look newer for longer.

TriStone would be another option if you are after a low-maintenance worktop, as it is non-porous, it can be re-polished to make it like new and it is repairable.


Finding a worktop that works with your design

White can look very fresh in a kitchen but if you cook with lots of sauces – and tend to have a few spillages – staining is something that needs to be considered. As they say, black goes with everything but if you don’t fancy that, we have plenty of other options.

For an industrial look, our stainless steel worktops are hard-wearing and look fantastic with stainless steel appliances and bare bricks.

If you like natural stone but your layout does not allow for this, Mistral may be the best option for you. It has seamless joints, can be used for curves and shapes and combines the benefits of a solid surface with the look of stone. Kerrock worktops also come in colours that mimic granite and quartz, with the added benefit that it can be back-lit.

If you are set on stone, quartz worktops will give a decorative finish and its manufactured nature makes it more consistent than granite, which will have differences from one piece to the next, as it is a natural product.

We have 100s of different colours in our solid surface range so you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen, whatever your style.


If you’re still undecided about which worktop is the right one for you, get in touch with our expert team today and we will help you through the decision-making process.

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