Solid Surfaces in healthcare environments

Solid Surface is the ideal choice for surfaces in healthcare environments such as hospitals, dentist surgeries, laboratories, GP surgeries and care homes.

Why designers and architects choose solid surfaces for healthcare applications

Healthcare architects and designers choose solid surface materials due to its hygienic nature. With correct cleaning the surface is resistant to bacteria growth. The seamless nature also makes it easier to clean in environments where this is critical. The material also has a long life as it is hard wearing against bumps compared to laminate/ dry wall in high traffic areas and repairable. Solid surface material also has high stain resistance.

Importantly solid surfaces also look good and are available in a range of colours, meaning the children’s ward can have bright stimulating colours and in general areas a more neutral décor can be used.

Explore a hospital environment with Corian

In2 Solid Surfaces fabricate solid surfaces for healthcare application

Some of the acrylic solid surface brands we offer:

Each material can be fabricated by In2 Solid Surfaces into worktops, we can also incorporate seamless basins, upstands and splashbacks to offer a worktop the looks completely seamless and is easy to clean.