A collection that caters for your trend orientated, as well as more traditional customers. One that features new decors and textures at both the premium and mid-level range.

PerfectSense high-gloss and matt lacquered panels combine exclusive design with lasting functionality. These surfaces offer brand new opportunities for you to create spaces with an exclusive, elegant touch.

As well as matching edging, you could also use any of our 170+ edgings as a contrast, or check out our new ‘Accent edges’ to create a design feature.

Once you’ve refined your decor choice our online sample service can support that next part of the process where you need to see and feel something tangible. 

Visualise your ideas and those of your customers easily and online. All our decors and a wide selection of room sets are available to help you reduce planning and development time.

Visualise your project with the design guide